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photo credit:  Jonathan Hsu


"Clearly a multifaceted performer, Juli infuses her comedy with dance and her dance with comedy." 

- Dance Informa

"She's smart as a whip, more than holding her own with the unseen spouse and her wackadoodle surroundings as she slyly, steadily lays waste to heteronormative conventions."

- InfiniteBody


"She turns her hideous bathroom into a throne room worthy of pissed-as-hell royalty."

- InfiniteBody

"The surprises, joys and rewards of this show are many."

- InfiniteBody


"Sara Juli has been creating and performing comedic dance-theater for two decades.  Her ability to hold an audience’s attention with abrupt changes in style reflects that experience."

- Theaterreviewsfrommyseat

"a master storyteller channeling over-the-top humor to help us digest a very serious topic..."

- Portland Press Herald

"It’s an awe-inspiring hour, an actor-audience relationship which is never seen on the stage and which you are left bemused, wondering how you came to be a child again."

- ED Fringe


"An imaginative and brave show performed with fearless vulnerability by the warm, wild and untamed Sara Juli."

- Broadway Baby

"A gutsier look at self worth..."

- The New York Times

"Tense Vagina is the rare piece that harnesses art and advocacy into perfect harmony, making for an unforgettably hilarious and edifying experience."

- Independent Weekly

"Tense Vagina is thrillingly feminist, and very much belongs to the current zeitgeist."

- The Five Point Star

"A skilled comedian, actress and dancer, Juli bravely explored the highs and lows of being a mom."

- Portland Press Herald

"In her performance, Juli drew on her considerable performance talents and experiences as a mother..."

- The Durham-Herald Sun

"...a light of the downtown dance and theatre scene."

- The New Yorker

"...delightfully funny characterizations and zany senses of physical comedy."

- The News & Observer, Durham, NC

"A truly generous performance.  Onstage, Sara Juli gives of herself and her bank account."

- The New York Times

"It's like Scores, only in reverse - this time, it's the dancer who's shoveling out the bills."

- NY Post

"Sara Juli...flows with an absorbing comic ease that segues into moments of pathos."

- The Stage

"Superbly played for maximum comic impact..."

- Gay City News

"A dance comic."

- The Durham Herald-Sun

"It takes a deft performer to pull off a show like this.  Juli has the quick and accurately clever responses of a good standup comic."


"Depending on where you sit, your $20 ticket could be a bargain."

- Newsday

The wry, neurotic appeal of ‘Tense Vagina’ went way beyond fringe theater. You don’t need to be a mother to appreciate Juli’s sharp observation, tight writing and chipper, determined, exhaustion. Who knew a tense vagina could be so funny?"

- Dance View Times

"She had the audience laughing out loud as she lay bare her personal secrets."
- The Portland Press Herald, Portland, ME

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