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photo credit:  Ben McKeown

"The Lectern: rule by rule by rule"

Created and performed with Claire Porter

Commissioned by American Dance Festival

Durham, NC

June 20 & 21, 2017

Living according to rules is the demand on all of us. We are surrounded by the rules of our laws, protocols, manners and expectations. But what are these rules? What are the rules of the game we’re playing? And what happens when rules take over?  Using movement, text, sound, song, and a catwalk runway, acclaimed comedic performers, Claire Porter and Sara Juli, upend our day-to-day, necessary-to-survive, rule-rituals in The Lectern, and find the hilarious in the rule-bending of our daily lives. 

"The piece maintains it’s comedic high throughout, as the women enact etiquette lessons and lecture us on proper manners. Porter and Juli are a hilarious, dynamic pair."
- The Dance Enthusiast
Claire Porter & Sara Juli | excerpt from The Lectern: rule by rule by rule
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